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At last, a dedicated booking and management solution for conference centers.

Quotelo enhances sales productivity and streamlines communication between clients, MICE teams, and sales professionals.

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Digital Transformation with Quotelo: Shift Your Availability Focus Toward Clients, Not Administration

Conference centers and convention halls are renowned for their ability to create meetings and events that provide participants with inspiring, authentic, and memorable experiences.

That’s why partnering with the premier reservation and event management software dedicated to conference centers, convention halls, and business centers will enhance the client experience and journey leading up to your events.

Quotelo’s reservation software for conference centers, convention halls, and business centers is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of these establishments and event venues of all sizes. It allows you to unify and digitize space sales, catering, third-party activities (even accommodations), as well as all event planning and operational management (function sheets) through a comprehensive solution of 10 perfectly integrated modules.

The event industry is undergoing a constant digital transformation. Take advantage of the benefits of this transformation with the most advanced reservation and management software dedicated to conference centers, business centers, and convention halls on the market.


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Effortlessly Monitor Your Conference Center

Unlock Unprecedented Efficiency in Your MICE and Group Operations: Conversion Rate, Response Time, Average Proposal Values… You’re in Control Like Never Before!

Does your conference center rely on salespeople who find themselves constantly typing out proposals, tirelessly reentering the same data into function sheets and calendars with each client update?

Do you witness your sales teams and field staff day in and day out typing and retyping updates following phone conversations with clients? Quotelo disrupts this counterproductive process, injecting new vitality into event professionals’ productivity by automating 98% of these laborious entries.

Our client conference centers have experienced an 80% increase in efficiency, finally freeing up time and availability for what truly matters to your clients: a warm welcome, extraordinary responsiveness, and unparalleled satisfaction!

Hotels have been yielding their room rates for years. And they can do it because all the room data is structured and well-known, allowing for data reprocessing to yield the rates. (The same applies to train or plane seats)

For conference centers, convention hall, and the MICE industry in general, it’s a different story. Data is scattered everywhere and therefore unstructured: Excel, Word, CRM, PDF… And no system can efficiently structure all this data, which can be quite complex. As a result, yielding room rates, meal rates, lunch rates, and even rates for specific packages becomes nearly impossible.

After just a few months of using Quotelo, you too will be able to yield all your rates!

Quotelo helps structure all this data and allows you to yield all these services, helping you increase your revenue and occupancy rates for your spaces, ultimately enhancing your revenue per available square meter.

And on top of that, Quotelo achieves all this without requiring any data input from sales teams, receptionists, or MICE teams. Discover how by requesting a demo.

Discover the incredible revolution in MICE and Group reservations with your dedicated and sophisticated Booking Engine, seamlessly integrated with your brand image. From your website, email signatures, Google Places, or shared interactions, your clientele will be immersed in a next-generation booking experience.

Imagine a virtual companion, a visually appealing and engaging chatbot, right at the heart of your website. It guides your clients with unparalleled immersion, leading them through every choice. From their very first glimpse of your conference center / convention palace to a meticulous understanding of your offerings, it becomes the maestro of every request, even the most complex ones.

And that’s not all. This exceptional advisor also excels in the art of personalized recommendations based on your clients’ personas and their service choices… It’s even available uninterrupted, 24/7.

Dive into the power of a reservation experience that redefines the standards, thanks to our Booking Engine, exclusively designed for you

Empower your sales teams and on-field MICE teams with superpowers
KPIs, to-do lists, reminders, function sheets... Stay updated with real-time changes

What’s the value in manually entering lines of quotes or elements of function sheets?

None, when Quotelo does it for your team.

Quotelo frees up time for tasks that truly add value

Studies show that convention centers, conference centers, and business centers take an average of 17 hours to send a quote (or a response via email) to a MICE prospect.

With Quotelo, it’s less than 3 minutes! Can you imagine the perception your clients will have when they receive your quote in a flash while your competitors send theirs 2 or 3 days later?

You’ll have already had time to reach out to the client to present your quote (Quotelo generates a quote halfway between a sales proposal, a marketing brochure, and a quote, always with a genuine pro forma), gauge their interest, potentially adjust the services and price, and have them sign the quote. All of this will have been done while giving personalized attention to the client, without taking any more time than your previous sales method, but building a significant human connection to gain their trust!

Send your quotes faster and transform your input time into time spent with your clients.

With the MICE and Group booking chatbot, your clients are guided to explain their request. If a sales representative needs to contact them, they won’t ask questions that prospects have already answered in a form…

Small detail: the chatbot works online 24/7… (and it doesn’t miss any sales opportunity)

Moreover, you’ll have access to all the features of room scheduling, automated function sheets, and digital pre-seminar questionnaires! Imagine the time saved!

logiciel de génération automatique de devis MICE et Groupe

Nos clients témoignent

Directeur d'un centre de conférence à Paris
“I knew that my teams were spending more time on administrative tasks than I would have liked. But with Quotelo, I realized how much I should have launched this digitization project earlier. My salespeople are available, the operational teams are at ease, and clients are better informed about our specifics and service possibilities when we reach out to them. Quotelo doesn't eliminate all human interactions; in fact, it's the opposite, as teams have more time to engage and establish connections.”
Philippe Pricot - Director of operations
réceptionniste heureuse avec Quotelo
“I can't go back to our previous way of working! Quotelo has truly transformed our workflow for the better: I have more time for the clients in front of me even as the quote requests keep coming in. In our hotel, we can't have the digital booking engine on our website, but even without it, creating quotes is so much easier with Quotelo that I still save a lot of time.”
Chun - Operator in a Kyriad Hotel
Directeur d'un hôtel franchisé
“My group imposed us to use Quotelo . At first, I thought it was just to gain more visibility into my MICE and group segment. But when I understood all the possible automations and the time and productivity gains for my teams and me, I quickly changed my mind and became very supportive of implementing this solution. MICE and GROUP activities only account for 10% of my revenue in my establishment, and I realized that it's these 10% that were causing disorganization in the hotel because the processes weren't well-established, data entry was too extensive, and the B2B and event-related sales weren't structured enough. Quotelo, by digitizing and optimizing my offering and processes, significantly reduced the workload on my team.”
Julien - Franchised Hotel Director
Jean-Louis, client de Quotelo
“I was amazed to see how quickly our teams in the field embraced the digital transformation of our establishments in the MICE and GROUP segment. The change management process was really brief: within a week, all our receptionists were using Quotelo proficiently, and all the quotes, schedules, function sheets, and follow-ups were being generated through this application. The cloud mode also allows me to connect from anywhere to track MICE and GROUP statistics in real-time!”
Jean-Louis - Franchised Hotels group Director
logiciel de génération automatique de devis MICE et Groupe
You will be equipped with the most efficient solution for EVENT / SEMINAR / CONGRESS / SYMPOSIUM booking and management 👍


  • by sending out quotes more quickly (responsiveness = more signings),
  • automatic upsell suggestions 24/7,
  • yielding Group and Event rates, leads to a significant increase in revenue and profitability in the first few months of use.
  • And with the increase in collected data, it’s not uncommon to continue this growth the following year with another +10%, either through better room occupancy rates, or through higher rates due to supply and demand analysis on peak days.

Previously, creating a quote required a variable amount of time, ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of each project.

Before integrating Quotelo, the process involved a significant time investment to decipher the client’s needs, sometimes a challenging task during phone calls or email exchanges. However, with Quotelo, this discovery phase of the needs undergoes a transformation into a detailed and digital process, allowing for the preparation of nearly 98% of the quote in advance.

Now, you only need to engage with the client to refine and validate the quote, preserving the human dimension of the interaction. And here’s the subtle point to note: thanks to Quotelo, you can be sure that the quote preparation will:

be free of any errors avoid any confusion in calculations prevent misunderstandings about VAT eliminate incorrect data entry prevent copy-paste mistakes

With Quotelo, the precision and professionalism of your quotes, deposit invoices, reminders, planning, and function sheets are guaranteed with absolute certainty.

When your director or the Conference Center Management asks you for the REVPAR of available room space, you can provide them with the statistic on the spot using Quotelo.

The same goes for the quote conversion rate… The same for the Seminar Client Capture Rate for lunch and dinner, along with the added bonus of the Average Food Purchase Price per person, Average Beverage Price, and Average Break Price!

Even the activities offered by your conference center have a ranking in the stats to quickly see which ones perform the best. Is it Team Building / Evening Events? All your activities (and those of your nearby partners) can be integrated into the solution to generate statistics and make more informed decisions.

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