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Want to free up your time to be with your clients?

What if we simplified all the back-and-forth with clients?

directeur d'hotel heureux avec Quotelo
Liberate yourself from MICE and GROUP booking administrative tasks, enabling full focus on high-value endeavors

The role of a MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) and leisure group salesperson is a complex one. The MICE sales professional handles the client’s request, personalizes it, manages it, and creates the proposal. This involves numerous phone calls with the client, constant adaptation of the sales proposal to meet the client’s desires, and the challenge of managing and modifying multiple quotes. In essence, data entry tasks gradually distance the salesperson from their true role (negotiating, finding solutions, advising, and selling).

Quotelo eliminates all administrative tasks and streamlines client requests in an incredibly intuitive manner. Thanks to its interactive chatbot integrated directly into your website, quote requests will arrive pre-written and pre-entered: time-saving and efficiency guaranteed. Say goodbye to data entry in Excel or your CRM! With Quotelo’s automation, your sales proposal is fully pre-populated and only awaits your approval!

Choosing Quotelo means shedding the administrative burden to focus on the true essence of the sales profession.”

traduit en anglais de façon très marketing :”Le métier de commercial MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) et groupe loisir corpo est un métier complexe. Le commercial MICE gère la réception de la demande client, sa personnalisation, sa gestion et la création du devis. Il doit ainsi multiplier les appels téléphoniques avec le client, adapter constamment sa proposition commerciale à la volonté de ce dernier, et ne pas se perdre au milieu de tous les devis et de toutes leurs modifications. En somme, les tâches de saisies l’éloignent peu à peu de son vrai métier de commercial (négocier, trouver des solutions, conseiller et vendre) Quotelo supprime toutes les tâches administratives et centralise toutes les demandes clients de façon très intuitive. Grâce à son chatbot interactif implanté directement sur votre site web, la demande de devis vous arrivera déjà rédigée et pré-saisie : gain de temps et d’efficacité garantis. Pour vous, fini les saisies de données sur Excel ou dans vos CRM ! Grâce à l’automatisation de Quotelo votre proposition commerciale est entièrement pré-remplie et n’attend que votre validation ! Choisir Quotelo c’est abandonner la charge administrative pour se concentrer sur le vrai métier de commercial.”

“The role of a MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) and corporate leisure group sales professional is a multifaceted endeavor. The MICE sales specialist juggles client inquiries, tailoring, management, and quote creation. This entails a flurry of phone calls with clients, the ongoing adaptation of sales propositions to cater to their desires, and the challenge of navigating through a sea of quotes and their revisions. In essence, data entry tasks gradually pull the salesperson away from their core role of negotiating, problem-solving, advising, and selling.

Quotelo eradicates all administrative burdens and streamlines client inquiries with remarkable intuitiveness. Through its interactive chatbot seamlessly integrated into your website, quote requests arrive pre-written and pre-populated: a guaranteed time-saving and efficiency-enhancing approach. Bid farewell to data entry in spreadsheets or CRMs! With Quotelo’s automation, your sales proposal is thoroughly pre-filled and awaits your swift validation.

Opting for Quotelo translates to shedding the weight of administrative tasks and reimmersing yourself in the true art of salesmanship.


logiciel MICE et GROUPE - Tableau de bord Quotelo
Sell better, faster, stronger

With Quotelo’s interactive chatbot, your prospect prequalifies their needs on your website based on what your establishment can truly offer, when it can offer it, and if it should offer it!

For instance, the chatbot (or booking engine) will suggest the option of a ‘White Tablecloth’ for a wedding, but not for a half-day seminar…

Another example: Quotelo will only propose a brunch if the reservation covers the weekend (if your establishment is organized that way).

The small revolution we offer allows you to access all customer requests before even speaking to them on the phone. The client discovers all your services without you repeating the same spiel to describe your establishment and its environment to every client.

In short, all the specific details of the request are outlined, your quote is pre-drafted, and then it’s up to you to make the call or not, to perfect and optimize your sales!

Dive into an unparalleled experience of efficiency through the simplicity of digital processes. Envision a world where once tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks vanish in the blink of an eye, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters: cultivating exceptional customer relationships and exploring new opportunities for upselling.

By choosing our solution, you open the doors to a new era of productivity. The complexities of administrative chores fade away, allowing each moment to be dedicated to the subtle art of customer advisory, the creation of innovative strategies, and the showcasing of your expertise.

Imagine for a moment: you can now channel your energy towards personalizing experiences, providing thoughtful recommendations for services and options that precisely align with your clients’ needs and desires. Your role evolves into that of a guide, an architect of memorable experiences, and a creator of unforgettable memories.

As you free up your valuable time from the shackles of administrative management, additional sales opportunities effortlessly emerge, while every customer interaction becomes a chance to make your establishment shine.

Don’t let valueless tasks impede your potential. Embrace simplicity, opt for efficiency, and let your true value emerge in every customer interaction. The future of commercial excellence awaits, and it’s more accessible than ever with our innovative solution.

When prospects take control of qualifying their needs online, the burden of manual data entry is lifted, granting you substantial time savings. Phone conversations shift into scenes where your added commercial value shines.

Potential clients navigate seamlessly through a user-friendly interface to pinpoint their precise needs. This quick and intuitive process eliminates the need for manual data entry on your part, freeing you from tedious administrative tasks. As a result, you reclaim precious time to channel your expertise and strategic ideas where they have the most impact – during personalized customer interactions.

With data entry tasks out of the picture, your phone conversations transform into dynamic dialogues infused with depth and relevance. These exchanges evolve into platforms to showcase your unique offerings, engage in consultative discussions, and craft tailor-made solutions that resonate with each prospect’s aspirations. In this dynamic exchange, the essence of your commercial acumen takes center stage, fostering more memorable and impactful connections.

Moreover, the accelerated pace of transactions becomes your strategic advantage. Freed from the constraints of manual entry, your focus shifts to guiding prospects through quick and effortless informed decisions. The result? A seamless journey from curiosity to engagement, where the sales cycle is shortened, and revenue potential is unleashed.

Leisure and corporate group sales professionals are enthusiastic about the simplicity of Quotelo
From requesting a quote to planning rooms and creating function sheets, Quotelo streamlines the life of MICE and group sales professionals, centralizing all aspects of MICE management. Quotelo relieves sales teams from tedious tasks, making their work more efficient and enjoyable.

Instantly Visualize the Quote Lifecycle:

  • Awaiting Your Approval,
  • Awaiting Client Signature,
  • Rejected by Your Establishment,
  • Signed by Client,
  • Counter-Signed by You,
  • Client Rejection?

Automated Follow-ups for Signatures and Payments!

98% of Quote Drafting is Automated!

Electronic Signatures and Deposit Requests are Automated too!

Modifications to MICE and Group Quotes are made intuitively on Quotelo, whether initiated by you or requested by the client through a digital exchange and modification request system.

The only thing Quotelo doesn’t automate: Your Customer Relationship Skills, the Human Side of a High-Value Sale.

Do you find yourself being asked for reports and statistics by your management from time to time? Do you need to gather data from your CRM, Excel sheets, and emails to provide aggregated insights?

Those days are long gone with Quotelo. Everything you need will be right within the application: Conversion rates of sent proposals, MICE revenue for the month, quarter, and year. Business on Booked for the next 6 months, capture rate of Corporate Group clients for lunch, average price of refreshment breaks, and much more.

With the MICE and Group reservation chatbot, your clients are guided to explain their requests. If you, as a leisure and corporate group sales representative, need to contact them, you won’t ask questions that prospects have already answered in a form…

Small detail: the chatbot works for you 24/7.

So, on Monday morning… all you need to do is validate/amend the pre-drafted quotes!

logiciel de génération automatique de devis MICE et Groupe

Our clients testimonies

Directeur d'un hôtel CAMPANILE à Lyon, Florian Veyrier
“"With Quotelo, even our receptionists can modify a complex seminar quote! The application was effortlessly adopted, with training taking just 10 minutes. Additionally, I can access my statistics easily and in real-time. This was impossible with my PMS and CRM before Quotelo!"”
Florian Veyrier, Campanile hotel GM in Lyon
réceptionniste heureuse avec Quotelo
“"I couldn't go back to our previous way of working! Quotelo has truly transformed our approach for the better: I now have more time for the clients in front of me, even as quote requests keep coming in. In our hotel, we can't have a digital booking engine on our website, but even without it, creating quotes with Quotelo is so much easier than before, saving me a significant amount of time."”
Chun - Campanile Hotel Recptionist
Directeur d'un hôtel franchisé
“My group mandated the use of Quotelo for me. At first, I thought it was just for gaining more visibility into my MICE and group segment. However, as I grasped the potential automations and the substantial time and productivity gains for both my teams and myself, my opinion quickly changed. I became highly supportive of implementing this solution. MICE and GROUP bookings account for only 10% of my establishment's revenue, and I realized that these 10% were causing disorganization in the hotel due to insufficiently established processes, extensive data entry, and a lack of structure in our B2B and event offerings. By digitizing and optimizing my offerings and processes, Quotelo has significantly reduced the workload for my team. It's become clear that this transformation is essential for enhancing our operations and overall success.”
Julien - Franshised hotel Director
Jean-Louis, client de Quotelo
“I was amazed at how quickly our teams on the ground embraced the digital transformation in the MICE and GROUP segment. The change management process was remarkably swift. In just a week, all our receptionists had mastered Quotelo, and the application seamlessly generated all our quotes, schedules, function sheets, and follow-ups. The Cloud mode also empowers me to connect from anywhere, enabling real-time monitoring of MICE and GROUP statistics. This agile and efficient transition has brought remarkable benefits to our operations.”
Jean-Louis - Franshised group hotel Director
logiciel de génération automatique de devis MICE et Groupe
Channel your time towards high-stakes bids and critical requests

Quotelo goes beyond as an event-focused CRM, providing you with a comprehensive view of all client requests and each stage of every quote! Envision your personalized dashboard for client requests, easily filterable and sortable, allowing you to pinpoint the current priority and focus your attention precisely.

Furthermore, no need for a complete overhaul of your processes. Quotelo facilitates an immediate 20% increase in revenue within the initial months of usage by streamlining the quote delivery process, automated upselling propositions available 24/7 through the booking engine, and notably optimizing MICE and GROUP rate yield.

With the accumulation of data, this growth is frequently compounded the following year with an enhanced room occupancy rate, elevated tariff structures driven by supply and demand, and more effectively yielded rates, demonstrating Quotelo’s continual positive impact.

Once upon a time, crafting a quote demanded a variable time span, ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours, contingent upon the inherent complexity of each project. Prior to the integration of Quotelo, this process entailed a substantial temporal investment to decipher client needs, at times a demanding task amidst phone calls or email exchanges. However, with Quotelo, this needs discovery phase has undergone a significant transformation, evolving into a detailed and digital process, enabling the anticipatory preparation of nearly 98% of the quote.

Henceforth, your task merely involves engaging with the client to refine and endorse the quote, thereby preserving the human dimension of interaction. And here lies the subtle point to note: with Quotelo, you can be assured that quote drafting will be devoid of errors – no confusion in calculations, no misunderstandings regarding VAT, no erroneous input, and no inappropriate manipulation during content duplication. Quotelo ensures absolute precision at every step

When your Management seeks to know the revenue generated per square meter of available space, you can immediately provide that information with Quotelo.

Similarly, you can swiftly access statistics on the conversion rate of quotes, as well as the booking rate of clients for lunch and dinner during seminars. You can also retrieve key data such as the Average Food Purchase Price per person, Average Beverage Price, and Breaks Price.

Furthermore, Quotelo provides a ranking of the activities offered by your establishment, allowing you to quickly gauge the ones with the best performance. For instance, you can discern whether bike rentals or team-building activities are particularly popular, or if spa privatization is garnering significant interest. All activities, including those offered by local partners, can be integrated into the solution to generate relevant statistics, helping you make informed decisions.

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