As a leader of a hotel group, are you seeking to elevate your daytime venue occupancy rates? Wish to unveil your REVPAR per square meter of available space? Effortlessly compare the prowess of your hotels in the MICE and GROUP segment?

Steer the MICE & GROUP profitability statistics in real time.

Leverage AI to amplify your MICE and GROUP revenue by optimizing Group / Event / Seminar rates.

Supervise your establishments with a mere glance, powered by Quotelo.

directeur d'hotel heureux avec Quotelo
Unshackle your MICE teams from administrative burdens and seize control of the MICE and GROUP Segment

Reimagine the way you welcome reservations and orchestrate events like seminars, conferences, and venue bookings. In the current landscape, these processes entail a myriad of email exchanges, time-consuming back-and-forths, and repetitive data entry at every stage – from initial drafting to final quotes, billing, and document preparation.

With Quotelo, brace yourself for a radical transformation of this analog approach, unshackling remarkable productivity gains. Bid farewell to redundant double entries (or eliminate them entirely if your PMS is compatible), embrace automated quote generation, and structure your B2B, GROUP, and MICE commercial offerings. Your sales and reception teams will be empowered to effortlessly address all inquiries, delivering impeccable quotes that perfectly encapsulate your hotel’s essence. Errors? None. Response times? Trimmed to under 2 minutes upon request receipt. Revolutionize your methodologies with Quotelo.


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Catapult Your Business Forward

The visionary within you comprehends the precise reasons why your sales teams find themselves endlessly inputting quotes into computers, tirelessly replicating data across function sheets and calendars, revisiting each modification made by the client.

This time-consuming web traces its roots back to the intricate nature of MICE and GROUP management, a domain that still yearns for digital transformation within the realm of hospitality.

Visualize your sales champions, managing quote requests via phone and email, entailing the burden of dual data entry. Quotelo disrupts this detrimental cycle, injecting a fresh vitality into hospitality productivity by automating 98% of these tedious inputs.

Your brilliant sales experts, the MICE virtuosos, witness an 80% surge in efficiency, finally liberating space for what truly matters to your cherished clients: a warm welcome, unparalleled responsiveness, and unwavering satisfaction!

In the realm of hospitality, the time it takes to send out quotes can range from 2 to 72 hours, with an average of 17 hours. With Quotelo, this timeframe diminishes to a mere whisper: less than 3 minutes, regardless of the project’s complexity!

Envision making a profound impression, crafting captivating quotes that magnify your establishment’s unique allure, setting it apart amidst a sea of hotels with lesser responsiveness.

By showcasing this rapidity in delivering quotes, you communicate a potent message to your clients – a pledge of your agility and prowess, both on-site and in every interaction. The evidence is indisputable: quotes sent in under 10 minutes hold an 82% greater likelihood of acceptance!

Discover firsthand how Quotelo can forge a new benchmark for your hotel group. Request a demo today and witness the transformation.

With our MICE and Groups Booking Engine, meticulously integrated into your visual identity, be it on your website, email signatures, Google Places, or shared responses, your guests step into an innovative reservation experience.

Picture a chatbot at the heart of this journey, a virtual companion to your clients. It escorts them through an unparalleled immersion, guiding every decision. From their initial glimpse of your establishment to a meticulous understanding of your offerings, it acts as a mastermind for all inquiries, even the most intricate.

But that’s not all. This exceptional advisor also excels in the art of personalized recommendations, available non-stop, 24/7. Discover the potential of a reservation experience that redefines expectations, delivered through our Booking Engine, exclusively tailored for you.

Manage your MICE segment and group
From Quotelo's homepage, effortlessly monitor all your statistics at a glance:

Quote Conversion Rate, Average Response Time, Average Quote, Salle REVPAR… You command the MICE and GROUP segment with unmatched mastery!

Even better, you possess a crystal-clear view of constrained days, segmented, allowing you to fine-tune your rates and maximize revenue potential for each opportunity.

Is the signal amber for your indicators? Reignite your sales squads, your MICE and GROUP virtuosos, your reception maestros, and your accommodation wizards.

With Quotelo, falling below the hospitality responsiveness standard or experiencing a dwindling seminar reservation rate are simply inconceivable!


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Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

Directeur d'un hôtel CAMPANILE à Lyon, Florian Veyrier
“"With Quotelo, even my receptionists can effortlessly modify intricate seminar quotes! The application was seamlessly embraced with a training that lasted just 10 minutes. What's more, accessing my statistics is incredibly easy and in real-time. This was inconceivable with my PMS and CRM before Quotelo!"”
Florian Veyrier, Campanile Lyon GM
réceptionniste heureuse avec Quotelo
“"There's no going back to our previous way of functioning! Quotelo has truly transformed our work approach for the better: I now have more time for clients right in front of me, even when quote requests keep coming in. While we can't digitalize the booking engine on our website at our hotel, even without that, creating quotes with Quotelo is so much smoother than before, and I'm still saving a significant amount of time."”
Chun - Campanile hotel receptionist
Directeur d'un hôtel franchisé
“"My group mandated the use of Quotelo. At the outset, I thought it was merely to enhance visibility over my MICE and group segment. However, once I grasped the extent of the automation possibilities and the significant time and productivity gains for my teams and me, I swiftly changed my perspective and became a strong advocate for implementing this solution. MICE and GROUP activities account for just 10% of my establishment's revenue, and I realized that these 10% were causing disarray due to insufficiently established processes, extensive data entry, and a lack of structure in our B2B and event offerings. Quotelo, by digitizing and optimizing my offerings and these processes, has profoundly alleviated my team's workload."”
Julien - franchised hotel director
Jean-Louis, client de Quotelo
“"I was astonished by the swiftness with which the digital transformation shift in our establishments, specifically within the MICE and GROUP segment, was embraced by our frontline teams. The change management support was remarkably brief: within a week, all our receptionists were adept with Quotelo, and every quote, schedule, function sheet, and follow-up was generated through this application. The Cloud mode also allows me to access and monitor MICE and GROUP statistics in real-time from anywhere!"”
Jean-Louis - Group Franchised Hotel Director
logiciel de génération automatique de devis MICE et Groupe
"Your hotel managers will be able to keep a watchful eye on the

Every day, your MICE and GROUP sales teams channel their energy into sending reminders to your clients for quote approvals, deposit payments, and final invoices. With Quotelo, this process undergoes a revolutionary transformation through intelligent automation, triggering notifications for both your clients and your team.

When a quote request lands on our Booking Engine, an alert reaches you, while the quote itself is already 98% prepared! Thus, every request related to groups, events, and seminars receives a response within mere minutes.

Bid farewell to stress. Receive real-time notifications and, thanks to the Quotelo dashboard, keep your task list up to date until each one is completed. Quote creation, billing, client follow-ups… everything is orchestrated for flawless efficiency.

Quote creation used to demand a time investment ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours, depending on project complexity, before Quotelo. The time required to decipher client needs, often a laborious task over the phone, would extend and elongate with back-and-forths via email…

With Quotelo, this needs discovery phase transforms into a detailed, digital process, enabling the anticipation of 98% of the quote.

Now, all that remains is to converse with the client to refine and validate the quote, thus preserving the human touch in the interaction. And here’s the subtle detail: with Quotelo, you can rest assured of the total absence of errors in quote composition – no muddled calculations, no mishap with VAT, no inaccurate inputs, no misstep during copying and pasting. With Quotelo, precision is a guarantee.

Through Quotelo, you revolutionize the structure of your sales and MICE/Group departments, particularly in proposal drafting, scheduling, and function sheets. Be it for seminars, groups, or events, our application now assumes the mantle of this intricate task, allowing you to dedicate your time and unleash energies for higher-value tasks.

With Quotelo, a window of availability opens up towards your clients. Our users express their contentment in finding they have more time to cater to their clientele’s needs, be it over the phone or in person. Tasks that were once laborious and repetitive are now entrusted to Quotelo’s care, thereby releasing your invaluable resources.

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