How About Elevating
Your Online Customer digital Journey
for MICE and Group Experiences?

Do you still offer an online form for MICE and Group inquiries?

Haven’t digitized your Group / Event / Seminar customer journey yet?

Are you still requiring your clients to pick up the phone to book a venue?

directeur d'hotel heureux avec Quotelo
Délivrez-vous de tout l'administratif du MICE et du GROUPE et focalisez votre attention sur les tâches à plus forte valeur ajoutée

Are you a luxury Hotel Marketing Manager? In that case, you combine various skills: promoting the hotel’s brand image, internal and external hotel communication, ensuring consistent branding across all platforms, creating digital content (text, images, videos on the internet, social media, etc.). You also manage platform engagement, handle agency and partner relationships, oversee SEO and performance, and contribute creative ideas to web projects to increase traffic across digital platforms and enhance hotel visibility.

One of the key drivers to achieve your goals is the simplicity of booking on the hotel’s website.

In this regard, the digital room reservation journey and the group / event / seminar inquiry process should be the top priorities for the Hotel Communications Manager.

While room reservations are well-handled, the inquiry process for groups, events, and seminars often lags behind with an outdated online form, a simple email address, or even just a phone number to call.

In today’s world, failing to digitize the inquiry process is a missed opportunity, considering how much customers value autonomy and how inconvenient it can be for them to make a phone call.

Quotelo is to MICE and GROUP what a booking engine is to room reservations!

Thus, it offers considerable support to the Hotel Communications Manager. Quotelo seamlessly integrates into your establishment’s website through a button that leads customers to an immersive, comprehensive, personalized, and enjoyable inquiry journey. This marks the end of traditional inquiry forms. The quotation creation platform and accompanying visuals are fully customized while adhering to your establishment’s brand guidelines.


Booking Engine MICE et Groupe QUOTELO
Your establishment's image is our top priority.

Your Quotelo platform for MICE and GROUP requests is fully customized with your brand identity and images of your establishment, immersing your clients directly into your unique world.

Without a digitalized process for Group / Event / Seminar requests, your sales team often has to use elaborate adjectives and adverbs over the phone to help the client imagine your spaces. What an effort it demands from them!

With a request for proposal engine, you – as the hotel’s communication leader – offer a much more effective solution to immerse the client in your establishment. Simultaneously, you introduce them to your complete MICE and Group offerings, while also discovering their specific needs to ultimately create a tailored proposal.

The MICE and Group Booking Engine that we can integrate into your website showcases images of your establishment, rooms, dining facilities, activities, options, and even Day Meeting / Residential Seminar packages. As your clients interact with Quotelo, they gradually immerse themselves in your venue’s atmosphere.

By implementing Quotelo, you equip your establishment with a powerful competitive advantage!

Deliver the finest customer experience right from the moment they make their inquiry.

Imagine a seamless and intuitive sequence of screens that only presents relevant options based on the customer’s preferences and evolving understanding of their needs!

Quotelo’s Booking Engine doesn’t offer the “floral decoration” option if you don’t provide it or if none of your partners do… But it won’t suggest it either if the online customer is looking to rent a plain meeting room or a half-day seminar space… It will propose this option only for weddings, communions, bachelorette parties, or corporate events, for example.

The same goes for room choices: some establishments prefer to showcase all their rooms and let the customer decide, while others prefer not to leave the choice of room to the customer. In that case, we would only ask for the group size, desired room configuration, and necessary equipment from the list of everything you offer.

Quotelo’s Booking Engine adapts to your business strategy and communication approach!

What do customers think when:

  • They arrive on your website and see an online form to fill out for inquiries?
  • They have to wait for a salesperson to contact them to understand their request?
  • They patiently listen to the descriptions from the salesperson?
  • They have to express their request, often rephrase it, for the salesperson to understand the challenges and needs.
  • They have to wait again for a budget estimate?
  • They have to print the quote, sign it, then scan and return it?
  • They have to call back if there’s a change?

It’s quite simple: they either think that the hospitality industry is ‘under-digitized’ or, at best, it’s ‘in the process of digitization’.

And you, as the hotel’s communication manager, share the responsibility for not yet implementing a MICE and Group Booking Engine to avoid this perception.

Now is the time to convince your management that a digitalization project for Group / Event / Seminar requests is necessary to, among other things, enhance your image and improve the online customer discovery journey. (And the sales team will be on your side because Quotelo, in addition, pre-writes 98% of quotes to eliminate all the administrative and time-consuming tasks of the sales function)”

Elevate Your Image Across All Platforms
From your website to your quotes and invoices, Quotelo encapsulates your clients within your establishment in the most immersive way possible

Quotelo also generates Group / Event / Seminar quotes to simplify the lives of sales professionals.

Each client on the online booking engine generates a line on the quote… But what will interest the Hotel Communication Manager is that:

The brand identity is also respected on the quote The quote is a blend of sales brochure + commercial proposal + pro-forma quote The quote offers digital upsells The quote features photos of the establishment, rooms, dining, rooms, extras The quote is highly immersive and seamlessly aligns with the experience and impression left by the Booking Engine

Customers have been impressed by the Booking Engine, and they will be equally impressed by the quote: your hotel brand will leave an indelible mark in customers’ minds, and they will remember your establishment much more than those of competitors not equipped with Quotelo.

In its pursuit of excellence for your establishment, Quotelo goes beyond just the booking engine and quotes…

Your quotes become digital, of course, but the signature becomes electronic! It simplifies the client’s life so much! 2 clicks, a code sent by email, and the quote is signed with legal value to secure both your client and your establishment.

And that’s not all…

Even the deposit payment becomes immersive! Until now, your colleagues had to check every day if the deposits for signed quotes had been paid by clients. With Quotelo, the client pays faster because they automatically receive the deposit invoice and, more importantly, they can pay it with just 1 click!

Quotelo integrates instant SEPA bank transfer payment into the booking engine: the client clicks on their bank’s logo, completes their bank’s authentication process, and the transfer is already on its way to your establishment’s account. This simultaneously informs Quotelo that the payment has occurred and confirms the client’s signature by the deposit payment.

All of this is presented in your branding environment, with photos of your establishment and your logo on the payment page!”

All post-signature back-and-forths are also managed within the online application in your branded environment by the client.

This includes the pre-stay or pre-seminar questionnaire, where you know all the questions the salesperson asks 5 or 2 days before the event…

  • The rooming list if necessary,
  • Dietary restrictions,
  • break schedule for seminars,
  • contact details for the on-site manager, etc…

All of these questions are now asked digitally, in your branded environment, so that the client remains immersed in your establishment from the initial request to the day of arrival.

This way, you maintain control over your online image and the client’s perception from their first request using the booking engine, all the way to their arrival with the quote, deposit payment, and pre-stay/pre-seminar questionnaire.

Devis Groupe évènementiel Séminaire immersif

Our clients testimonies

Opératrice évènement séminaire d'entreprise CAPGEMINI
“I recently used Quotelo for the first time, and the experience was truly enjoyable. The process was personalized to my needs, so I wasn't overwhelmed with a multitude of information, but rather guided based on my specific request. The photos illustrated each of my choices throughout the process. It was truly refreshing to engage with a playful journey rather than a traditional form and a phone call from a salesperson promoting their establishment...”
Sonia RAMANI , Event Organizer at CAPGEMINI
Julia secrétaire de direction chez EDF
“It's simple, I made 4 inquiries at 4 different hotels. For 3 hotels, I had to send an email, explaining my corporate event quote request in prose, and had to explain everything again 2 days later when a salesperson finally decided to call me (apparently they can't read). For Maison Montmartre, I was guided online, everything was clear, I was immersed in the hotel experience, and I couldn't forget anything in my request. Plus, I received the quote 10 minutes later. In your opinion, which hotel do you think I chose?”
Julia - Executive Secretary at EDF
“I had the significant responsibility of selecting the venue for our annual marketing team gathering. My teams provided me with 3 quotes. One of them had a VAT error, so I didn't choose it. Another offered great services, but the quote lacked clarity compared to the third option, which was slightly more expensive but provided clear details about the services we would receive. Moreover, it was a digital quote, accessible on my smartphone and signable electronically. I only had to call the third option for a few additional details before proceeding to sign. Unconsciously, the quality of the quote likely played a role in its favor.”
Maryse Fisher - CEO at CRMBD
Jean-Louis, client de Quotelo
“I was amazed to witness how quickly our establishments embraced the digital transformation in the MICE and GROUP segment. The change management process was remarkably brief: within a week, all our receptionists were proficient in using Quotelo, and the application seamlessly handled all aspects of generating quotes, managing schedules, creating function sheets, and sending follow-ups. The Cloud mode also enables me to connect from anywhere to track MICE and GROUP statistics in real-time!”
Jean-Louis - Franshised Hotel group director
Questionnaire de pré-séjour ou pré-séminaire
Print your establishment in your client's mind: Harness the power of mnemonic triggers.

  • Seamless Request for Quote Process ✅
  • Electronic Signature of the Quote ✅
  • Digitalized Request for Modifications ✅
  • Instant Payment Invoice for Deposit, 1-Click Payment ✅
  • Pre-Stay / Pre-Event Questionnaire ✅

Imagine everything running flawlessly, providing a consistent and unforgettable brand experience at every touchpoint with your establishment.

Your clients will undoubtedly remember their digital journey, the online process for every step of their corporate or private event.

By offering such a unique digital experience, you will stand out as a pioneer and leave an indelible mark on your clients’ minds, both before and after their decision!

Your clients have probably never seen such a personalized guide and a sequence of screens so relevant to expressing their MICE or GROUP quote request.

Even event agencies, accustomed to sending the same email to all their hotel ‘suppliers,’ are also interested because they can’t understand why establishments can’t send quotes more quickly… Often, it’s because the requests don’t align with the capabilities of the establishments:

  • A group too large compared to the sizes of available rooms
  • Requests too exotic compared to what the establishment can offer
  • Too short of a timeframe, etc.

With the online request made via the Quotelo Booking Engine, both end clients and event agencies can receive quotes in a matter of minutes. Moreover, they understand why they might not receive a quote from your establishment, as the booking engine limits your offerings to those you can actually provide. For example, a group of 200 people won’t fit in your 100m2 reception room, and you can’t privatize the restaurant if the rest of the hotel isn’t also privatized.

These points will be indicated in the Booking Engine, and your clients will no longer be surprised to receive nothing. Instead, they’ll be amazed at how quickly they can modify their request to tailor it to your establishment if it’s truly your establishment they desire!

Every photo, every descriptive text, every line of the quote, every question asked on the Booking Engine, everything is carefully analyzed, harmonized, and tailored to the client’s request based on their persona…

Yes, Quotelo analyzes the personas of your hotel’s clients and constructs the booking engine accordingly:

  • If you have a golf course, the booking engine will offer a pathway for a ‘golfer.’
  • If you have thermal baths, the booking engine will propose a ‘thermal treatment’ pathway.
  • If you have a corporate clientele, the booking engine will provide a ‘company’ pathway different from that for an ‘association,’ as the offered services may not be the same.
  • If you organize bachelor or bachelorette parties (EVG or EVJF), the activities proposed will be different from those for a company coming for their annual conference.

Moreover, the order of screens on the booking engine may vary from one request to another: for a golfer requesting a quote, it is more relevant to first propose the golf courses, then the number of nights, as by choosing multiple courses and seeing all the photos, they might be tempted to extend their stay and therefore spend more…

Being among the first establishments to offer such a personalized digital experience, you will leave an indelible memory with your clients, and your establishment will remain engraved in their minds!

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