You manage a
hotel and your team still enters on keyboard their

Increase your productivity up to 80%.

Make your teams available.

And divide by 14 your delay to send MICE and GROUP quotes!

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Free up time for your field teams and obtain control about MICE and GROUP segments

Today, to take a reservation and organize a seminar, a conference, rent a meeting room or obtain a group quote, your teams exchange by email, with numerous round trips, multiply telephone calls and enter on keywords (sometimes several times) the same elements to write an email, generate a proposal, draw up an invoice and produce daily and weekly function sheet.

Quotelo totally disrupts this type of non-digitalized organization to obtain obvious productivity gains:

  • no double entry anymore (or no more entry at all if your PMS is API-First open),
  • automatic drafting of quotes, plannings, function sheets

We help you to digitalize your BtoB, GROUP and MICE product presentation so that your sales representatives and receptionists can answer all questions and send clean quotes, perfectly reflecting your hotel, without any errors and in less than 2 minutes after receiving the request..


logiciel MICE et GROUPE - Tableau de bord Quotelo
Speed up your business

You already know why your salespeople always enter their quotes on the keyboard… And why they re-enter the same information on the  daily / weekly function sheet and on the agendas… Several times and with each customers modifications…

This lack of productivity is linked to the complexity of managing MICE and GROUP and because this segment has not yet been digitized in the hotel industry.

Your sales representatives still receive requests for quotes by phone and email! And thus all must be re-seized. Quotelo reverses this system, which is harmful to the hotelier’s productivity, and automates 98% of the data entry.

Your commercials and your MICE team gain 80% of productivity and can now concentrate on what makes sense for your customers: the reception, the reactivity and the satisfaction!

In the hotel industry, the responsiveness of sending quotes ranges from 2 to 72 hours, with an average of 17 hours. With Quotelo, it’s less than 3 minutes, regardless of the quote’s complexity!

You will stand out in a positive way with highly immersive quotes that showcase your establishment and allows it to distinguish itself from all the other hotels that send quotes with less responsiveness.

If you are quick to send your quotes, your client will think that you will be just as responsive on the ground during the service… In fact, quotes sent in less than 10 minutes have an 82% higher chance of being signed!

With your MICE and Group booking engine, branded to your image with your photos and accessible from your website, email signatures, Google Place, and email responses, your clients will discover an immersive chatbot-style booking engine to guide them in their choices.

This chatbot helps them discover your establishment and immerse themselves in your environment, while also detailing all the services offered by your hotel and helping to understand even complex client requests.

Moreover, this exceptional salesperson never forgets any upsell and is available 24/7

Monitor your MICE and group segment
Monitor all your statistics at a glance on Quotelo's home page:

Conversion rate of sent quotes, Average response time, Average quote value, Group REVPAR… You manage your MICE and GROUP segment like never before!

You even have access to top constrained days segment by segment to yield your rates on those days!

Your indicators are going Orange? Mobilize your sales, your MICE and GROUP team, your receptionists, your accommodation manager: with Quotelo, it is unthinkable to be less reactive than the hotel average responsivity or to have a lower rate of seminar clientele capture for lunch or dinner!


logiciel de génération automatique de devis MICE et Groupe

Our clients testimony

Directeur d'un hôtel CAMPANILE à Lyon, Florian Veyrier
“With Quotelo, even my receptionists can modify a complex seminar quote! The application was handled effortlessly, with a training session of just 10 minutes. Plus I have my statistics very easily, and in real time. It was impossible with my PMS and my CRM before Quotelo!”
Florian Veyrier, GM of a Campanile Hotel in Lyon
réceptionniste heureuse avec Quotelo
“I won't be able to go back to our old way of working! Quotelo has really changed our way of working in the right direction: I have more time for the clients in front of me even if quotes requests keep coming. In our hotel, we can't have the digital MICE & GROUP booking engine on our website, but even without that, quotes are so much easier to do with Quotelo than before that I still save a lot of time.”
Chun - Receptioniste in a Kyriad hotel
Directeur d'un hôtel franchisé
“My management group forced me to use Quotelo. At first, I thought it was just to have more visibility on my MICE and group segment. But when I understood all the possible automatisms and all the time saving and new productivity for my teams and me, I quickly changed my mind and I became very favorable to the implementation of this solution. The MICE and the GROUP represents only 10% of my turnover in my establishment and I understood that it is these 10% which disorganized the hotel because the processes were not sufficiently clean, the seizures too important. The event and BtoB proposals were not structured, immersive and designed enough. Quotelo, by digitizing and optimizing my offer, my planning and my function sheet, has deeply reduced my team workload and all the time consuming and boring times.”
Julien - Franchised hotel director
Jean-Louis, client de Quotelo
“I was amazed to see how quickly the digital transformation shift in our MICE and GROUP segment was adopted by our teams on the ground. The change management support was really short: within a week, all our receptionists had taken control of Quotelo and all the quotes, schedules, daily function sheet, and reminders were generated by this application. The Cloud mode also allows me to connect from anywhere to monitor MICE and GROUP statistics in real-time!”
Jean-Louis - Franchised hotel group director
logiciel de génération automatique de devis MICE et Groupe
Your team will never forget a GROUP or SEMINAR
quote buried in their inbox again 👍

Your MICE and GROUP sales teams send automatic reminders to your clients every day for quote signatures, advance payments, and final invoice payments. Quotelo automates these reminders in the form of notifications for both clients and your team!

As soon as a quote request is made on the booking engine, you are notified and the quote is already 98% ready! This means that all your group/event/seminar requests will receive a response in just a few minutes.

So, no more stress – you are notified in real-time, and the Quotelo dashboard keeps your to-do list until each action is completed (sending quotes, issuing invoices, following up with clients, etc.)

Before Quotelo, writing a quote could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on its complexity. Additionally, the time required to understand the client’s needs over the phone could also be very long.

With Quotelo, the discovery of the client’s needs is done in detail and in a digitized manner, allowing for 98% of the quote to be pre-written.

Thus, all that remains is to discuss with the client to validate or not the quote, while maintaining a human connection. And the best part? By using Quotelo, you can be sure to avoid any mistakes in the quote writing process (no miscalculations, no VAT errors, no typos, no copy-paste mistakes, etc.). Moreover, with Quotelo, the time spent on managing a quote is reduced by a factor of 14!

Thanks to Quotelo, you can now save time in creating quotes for seminars, groups and events. Our application takes care of this task for you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business with peace of mind.

By using Quotelo, you have more availability for your clients. Our application users express their satisfaction in having more time to meet their clients’ needs optimally, whether on the phone or in person. Say goodbye to tedious and repetitive tasks, Quotelo handles them automatically.

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