Does your mid-range hotel have a strong or a small
customer base?

Do you still book study days by phone or email?

Do you still create function sheets by hand?

What if you could automate all of that?

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Quotelo frees up availability for MICE teams, salespeople, and receptionists.

Franchised mid-range hotels do not have as much staff as a large hotel, and it is often the receptionists or assistant managers who write Seminar / Group / Event quotes.

These are the same people who manually enter all daily and weekly function sheets… and update schedules…

These tasks have no added value in being done by a human, so let Quotelo take care of it for you!

Our algorithms automatically create and modify MICE and GROUP schedules, function sheets, and quotes based on customer requests:

  • without any VAT errors,
  • without any calculation errors,
  • without reversing any dates or groups (sic),
  • without any tourist tax errors, etc.


Fihe de fonction Quotelo
Without Quotelo, a customer request, whether relevant or not, costs an average of €176 to a mid-range franchised hotel

All your quote requests received by email are neither exhaustive nor structured. They therefore require several back-and-forth exchanges to perfect your understanding of the customer’s needs, mostly by phone and by email for the final details.

The workload varies between 5 minutes and 3 hours depending on the degree of complexity of the request, and costs an average of €52 to the hotel, all charges included, just to be perfectly qualified.

Imagine if you could only receive requests that are perfectly elaborated, structured, complete, and achievable by your hotel? Quotelo manages to qualify 98% of requests in the smallest detail, so that you can focus your time only on those that are particularly specific.

And presto, €52 saved for each quote request… How many do you receive per week?

We’ll let you calculate your savings for the year… You have all the data!

Do you follow up with all your clients for signatures? Perhaps not all.

However, you do follow up with those who have signed but have not paid their deposit… How many times do you do it?

And how often do you have post-signature modifications to quotes? How many times do you have to manually adjust schedules and update your pro forma invoice for the deposit?

With Quotelo, you no longer have to worry about deposit and down payment payments: Quotelo automates customer follow-ups, manages modification requests, updates schedules, and only alerts you when human intervention is necessary.

You still have control to adjust your room inventory as needed, but it will no longer be necessary 😉.

Each week, the MICE/GROUP team, sales department, or reception creates summary function sheets. And every day, you write precise function sheets for all the departments impacted by groups (kitchen, dining service, floors, meeting room, etc.).

The average workload is between 1 and 4 hours per day with an average of 2 hours.

Quotelo eliminates these unattractive, repetitive tasks that have no added value in being done manually by humans:

  • Quotelo generates a very precise pre-stay/pre-seminar questionnaire on D-2 or D-7 (configurable).
  • Quotelo collects customer responses.
  • Quotelo creates job sheets and leaves you in charge of managing last-minute changes.
Modify quotes in a jiffy
Customers can request modifications online, but they can still reach you by phone. Quotelo has worked extensively on ergonomics to ensure that all modifications are simple and fast.

1 click is enough to duplicate a day with many services or packages! Only the quantities need to be modified, if necessary.

With this automation, time is saved significantly for study days or residential seminars that involve many catering services (drinks, meals, packages) and seminar rooms, for example.

Imagine that VAT rates are automatic and always accurate, and there are never any calculation or comma errors. This is possible with Quotelo because you will hardly have to enter anything, or even nothing at all if your PMS is interfaced with Quotelo!


logiciel de génération automatique de devis MICE et Groupe

Our clients testify

Portrait hôtelier client de Quotelo
“At first, the booking and quote request engine surprised me, but pleasantly so because I felt guided through the process. It was a new experience for me. Each question and choice proposed was relevant and arrived at the right moment.”
Paul, sales director in a 5 stars hotel in La Défense - Paris
réceptionniste heureuse avec Quotelo
“I won't be able to go back to our previous way of working! Quotelo has truly improved the way we work in a positive direction: I have more time for clients in front of me even though the quote requests are coming in one after another. In our hotel, we can't have the chatbot on our website, but even without it, quotes are so much easier to make with Quotelo that I still save a lot of time compared to before.”
Chun - Receptionist in a Campanile hotel
Patricia - témoignage client Quotrelo
“I am happy because now I can take my time with my clients. Before, I would spend hours on the phone and by email trying to understand my clients' needs and inputting every line of the quote and all the function sheets. But with Quotelo, I am freed from all that data entry and I enjoy welcoming my clients face-to-face again.”
Patricia - Reception chief in an Ibis style Hotel
Jean-Louis, client de Quotelo
“I was amazed at how quickly our teams on the ground embraced the digital transformation of our MICE and GROUP segments. The change management support was really short: in just one week, all of our receptionists had mastered Quotelo, and all quotes, schedules, function sheets, and reminders were generated by this application. The Cloud mode also allows me to connect from anywhere to track MICE and GROUP statistics in real-time!”
Jean-Louis - Director of a franchised hotel group
logiciel de génération automatique de devis MICE et Groupe
Never forget a GROUP / SEMINAR quote again buried in your inbox 👍

Quotelo sends automatic reminders to your clients for quote signatures, advance payments, and final invoice payments, but the MICE and GROUP Quotelo application also sends reminders to you, the receptionist, so that you never forget any quotes, group/event/seminar requests, and all your clients receive a response.

No more stress – you are notified in real-time, and the Quotelo home dashboard keeps your to-do list until every action is completed (sending quotes, invoicing, client follow-up, etc.).

Before Quotelo, preparing a quote could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours of work, depending on its complexity. And that’s not even counting the time spent discovering the client’s needs, which can take a lot of time on the phone.

With Quotelo, all of the client’s needs are fully discovered and detailed, and the entire quote is pre-written, so you only need to approve or decline it, with no risk of errors.

Since your Seminar / Group / Event quotes are written for you by Quotelo, you now have more time for yourself and can send your quotes with much more peace of mind and reactivity!

Quotelo gives you more availability, and receptionists who use the application tell us that they smile more because they have more time to properly take care of their clients, both on the phone and face-to-face, since all the unattractive tasks are automated.

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