I Want to Generate more MICE and GROUP revenue

Our clients typically see

an average revenue increase of 20%

three months after implementing Quotelo

les tarifs de Quotelo sont transparents, simples et limpides
Become 80% more Productiv
Eliminate 30 minutes of workload for each quote sent
Quotelo automates the creation of your quotes for seminars, events, and groups: you no longer need to enter anything, neither in a CRM nor in a PMS; everything is automated.
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Improved responsiveness by 99%
2 minutes, average quotation drafting time with Quotelo
Quotelo eliminates back-and-forth emails to clarify requests and generates a commercial proposal upon request reception: You send fully detailed quotes immediately! And as you know better than us, the faster you respond, the more deals you close!

Between 3 000
& 158 000 €

Additional revenue range
achieved by a client thanks to Quotelo in 1 month.

18 875

Number of quotes generated
by Quotelo in the last 6 months

2 604 876

Total amount signed
by our clients
through Quotelo
in the last 30 days


Percentage of clients
who complete the
MICE & Group Booking Engine


Number of quotes
generated by Quotelo

with an error (calculation,
VAT, omission, data entry, etc.).
Some tasks are completely eliminated as they are 100% automated
All your time-consuming tasks are automated: Signature reminders, Payment reminders, Client mailings, Function sheet generation, etc.
Planning des salles de séminaires et des espaces privatisables
REVSAL (Revenue per available square meter of space)
Increase your room occupancy rate!
With Quotelo, the visualization of your room schedule and the Revenue Management System allow you to yield your room rates, significantly improving your room occupancy rate